BC Racing Dodge Viper Installation

A couple weeks ago the boys at BC Racing got the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot of two of the rawest north american performance vehicle ever to hit the modern day market. Now sift through the available cars and only a couple come to mind! Obviously this is the Dodge Viper, We have attached a couple pictures below of the photoshoot that took place below. The Dodge viper has been around for over a decade now and although they have only done minor revisions throughout the years the overall design doesnt change much! A classic two seater vehicle that sports a big 10 cylinder motor, and the classic notchback styling..

Both of the vehicle featured are sporting BC Racing BR spec coilovers and as you can see they are sitting noticeably lower than the factory vehicles. Handling was imrpoved, overall look was more aggressive and lower.. This kit is available for purchase in our store and we have lots in stock! Check out the pictures below and please leave a comment!

Dodge Viper CoiloversUntitled_HDR133-620x264 Untitled_HDR11 MG_9891-as-Smart-Object-1 MG_9876-as-Smart-Object-1 MG_9871-as-Smart-Object-1 MG_9869-as-Smart-Object-1

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